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spine surgeon in hyderabad

spine surgeon yderabad
“Hai this is Dr Chnadra shekar naidu brain and spine surgeon in hyderabad I take care of many complex spine problems, degenerative spine problems, spinal instability and discraniations. I also treat patients with brain tumors; perform craniotomies for brain tumors and for trigeminal neuralgia. And, I take care of patients with peripheral nerve problems, such as peripheral nerve entrapment disorders and carpal tunnel syndrome. I take a very personal approach with a patient and many times for each problem there’s a surgical option but there may be non-surgical options as well. So I try to collaborate with the patient and review all of the options for their particular problem. Try to get them the best treatment that they can have. I am accessible to referring doctors. I can be paged or reached at my office any time. Easy to refer a patient to my practice. If it’s a non-urgent type of referral, they can always fax the patient demographics, any imaging studies so that we know where the imaging studies have been performed and what has been already performed on the patient in terms of a workup. If a referring physician has an urgent consult I can be paged and am always happy to speak to a referring doctor. One of the nice things about technology is many times I can actually visualize the patient’s images on my computer and speak to the physician at the same time so that they can come up with a good treatment plan for the patient. I enjoy practicing at Community Hospital. The nursing staff in the operating room is often the same team so that I have a dedicated confident team working with me in the operating room so that we can achieve the best possible result. And Community’s been very dedicated to technology and investing in good technology for neurosurgical care.”


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