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hair transplantation in Hyderabad:

hair transplantation in hyderabad


It used to be we take plugs from the back of the head and put them in the front and those grafts, those are hair grafts, would look really pluggy and unnatural. The new way to do this is called follicular unit hair transplant in hyderabad  and basically all we are doing is we are still taking hair from the back of the head or we are taking in its natural distribution. So hair on the head tends to grow in singles, doubles, and triples, ones, twos, and threes, and that is how the hair is grouped. That does not those three hairs are growing out of one pore, it just means they are near each other grouped on the back of the head, so we take advantage of that distribution. We take a strip of skin from the back of the head, separate that strip into little slices, separate the slices into little tiny groupings of hair follicles, those are the follicular units and we use those groupings then to replace the hair that has been lost in the front. The advantage to that they are very small grafts, they take very well, they do not need a big blood supply to grow well, so we can put them very close together and the other advantage is they don't look pluggy. They are very natural, soft, and I can blend them so that they grow with the natural direction of your hair, because everyone's hair grows a little differently, some people will sweep to the right, some people will go forward. I look at those hairs that you have existing and blend off of those so if your hair sweeps to the direction of the direction here, we sweep to the same direction, so those littlehair grafts that we put in and the little hairs that are growing will blend really well with your hair and look very natural whether wet, dry, windblown, anything like that. for more details

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