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cloud machine to machine

Cloud M2M (machine to machine) new business development and operational support more and more companies are using the omega management suite to cost-effectively support a wide range of applications using OMS RACO Wireless can assemble a flexible M2M (machine to machine) connectivity solution for its partners within just hours a day the platform enables devices to communicate wirelessly directly supporting a number of activities that are necessary to build and manage a successful and M2M (machine to machine) application One major impediment to M2M (machine to machine) growth so far has been the complexity involved with bringing applications to market. OMS offers single day deployment with a fully redundant data system so that in the event of a disaster RACO wireless customers can quickly recover data unlike other platforms OMS can talk directly with wireless devices using proven wireless standards to support unprecedented flexibility in building and managing M2M (machine to machine) applications OMS is a web based application provides RACO wireless customers with a single pane of glass for M2M (machine to machine) device management simplifying device management.



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